Edition 3 April 2014

Big Data: Where Does Intuition Fit In?

Big data is big news. But let’s keep it in perspective. While quantitative data can help validate marketing ideas, it remains just one piece of a larger process that includes inspiration, intuition, creativity and in-depth qualitative research.

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A Good Step Backwards

Mobile computing has increased the number of devices to design for while decreasing the number of pixels available for content. What’s a designer to do? Start by taking a big step backwards.

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Recruiting Madness

Technology innovations have resulted in more college applications — and more opportunities to target desirable recruits.

Almost (Too) Famous

Recent developments in branded journalism have begged the question: is it dangerous to put too much stock in one person?

2014 Recognition

Image of Barbara Apple Sullivan

“Marketers should worry less about fleshing out distinct b-to-b and b-to-c strategies...I've always believed that making a distinction between the two is irrelevant.”

— Barbara Apple Sullivan via Advertising Age